Problem uploading

Hi, I just purchased a WD My Book Live (2 Tb). I managed to transfer in the Shared music folder my iTunes library and tht works fine. I also transfered my Videos in the Shared videos folder.

I’ve been trying to transfer my iPhoto Library and this has a problem. The transfer doesn’t stop, but at around 300 Mb, it slows don’t considerably to almost a stop. It goes from transfering several Mo a second to 0,1 every minute or so. It goes from 4 hours remaining to 53 days remaining. 

I don’t know what is the problem and what I should do. Anything I can do to fix this? Or should I bring it back to the store?


I too am having this problem (not much help, but you’re not alone)

my iTunes went across slowly, but fine. iPhoto library balks and never completes. 

I’m wondering if zipping it up as a file and doing it might help? Don’t know why 

incidently my iTunes lib is 16gb, my iphoto 25gb, so not that much bigger