Problem uploading 2 GB+ movies using WD Photos App (Android)

I have a 3 GB movie file that the WD Photos app was trying to upload but it stopped at 2 GB several times.  I had to go in there and delete the temp file before trying to upload it again.  Every time I tried it would stop at 2 GB and not go any more.

I finally had to move it directly from my phone to the WD public directory using my desktop computer as a middleman.  

Is there a limitation size on files transferred through the WD Photos app?  

Using Android 4.4 kitkat on a Galaxy Note 3.  Transferring over wifi connected to the WD MyCloud device (same network).

All other files transferred just fine.  The WD Photos app is one shining light in this very buggy device.  I love how it automatically uploads all videos and photos I take with my Note 3 onto the MyCloud hard drive without me having to do anything.

hello, did you try to upload by wired network?

this is off a cell phone.  would be hard to find a cell phone with a wired network connection.

Anyone else having this issue with their app?