Problem updating firmward


i copied the files to update the firmware on a usb stick, and went into the menus and couldn’t find the update firmware option shown in the manual in any of the menus.

where is it?

also i find this wont play a lot of my vob files. it plays some but not all.  i’ve used dvd shrink to copy my files onto an external hard drive (cos my nephew has ruined many many bought discs and i’ve had to buy them all again). 

I’ve also copied a few kids shows off the tv with a sony dvd recorder and finalised them (on dvd-r discs) and with these the player will only play one.  should i change them to avi/divx? 

what is the most reliable format to be in so that the file will always play?

also - why don’t you include a usb cable so i can connect the wd tv  to my pc?