Problem trying to install miniDlna 1.1.5

I want to install miniDLNA on this drive because my new smart tvs do not work well with the old twonky 5. I am following this guide

(http) community.wd. com/t/breathing-new-life-into-mbl-new-disk-sleep-monitoring-minidlna-openvpn/161764/4

but on the portion where I have to install dependencies for the service it is causing some problems with the filesystem;

for example:

apt-get install autopoint debhelper dh-autoreconf gcc libavutil-dev libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev libjpeg-dev libsqlite3-dev libexif-dev libid3tag0-dev libogg-dev libvorbis-dev libflac-dev -y

goes fine based on these sources:

deb squeeze main contrib
deb-src squeeze main contrib

however, when I try to go back into the UI it always pops up with an error and a notification that it is trying to do a system update. This persists everytime i click on a link and then the UI refreshes.

Has anyone experiences similar problems? @Lo_Elo could you help pls?