Problem transferring movie files over Wi-fi

Dear All,

I have got this new wireless adapter TL-WN721N (It was there in the list of compatible adapters) for my TV LIVE HUB. I just plug in the adapter in the usb port of the hub and it gets connected to my wireless network.

The problem I am facing is during transferring large movie files (3GB and above) from my pc. Its starts tranferring and after 40-50% it stops. I have mapped the drive using the WD Link software. When I refresh the link I find the hub’s wireless is disconnected (reason for the tranfer failure). After this the hub doesn’t respond to the remote buttons and to switch it off I need to pull the power cord.

Can any one please help me solving this problem?

(NB : Files get tranferred at the rate of 5-6MBps in wi-fi).

Thanks and regards


hey rupan,

                          sounds like it could be a router problem.Unplug to reset your router than try a transfer.I had similar problem.If that doesnt solve the problem reset your hub to factory settings and try again.If after that it doesnt work properly i would think its a twonky issue.  good luck

I had a similar problem but I was using Ethernet (Wired Connection) - The problem turned out to be my computer.

I had changed the POWER OPTIONS setting (under CONTROL PANEL) to go to sleep at that time. THAT normally wouldn’t be an issue but I had made my ETHERNET Device (Card) go to be able to go to sleep, also.

IF you don’t remember how to get there, Go to your CONTROL PANEL and click on the following tabs (or boxes)

System Properties,


Device Manager,


            <<Realtek … or  your device name here>>,


POWER MANAGEMENT -->>>  UNCLICK  the box   “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”