Problem streaming from NAS to WD TV Live Hub

When I try to stream movies from my NAS to my mediaplayer it stutters. 

Router: Thomson TWG870. 

I have everything wired; though it doesn’t work. Most movies stutters. 

I think the problem is the router. I switched it to a different channel and i enabled UPnP. Do you have any solutions I can try? Earlier I rolled back the firmware - that didn’t work either. 

Different channel?   What does that mean?

I know what he means. He’s changed the channel/frequency the wireless transceiver uses. He’s stated he’s doing this through a wired network.  I think the WDTV Live is wireless also?

Or is this that his MBL is wired to the router and that the WDTV Live is operating wireless?  So he’s changed the wireless channel in case there is interference between the WDTV Live and the router.  Actually, a valid troubleshooting action to take.

He mentions video suffers but no mention that music suffers so this could be a wireless bandwidth issue?

Well, he said “EVERYTHING wired,”  (emphasis added)  so I assume that means no WiFi?

I agree with the presumptions…

The Thomson TWG870 is a wierd device.  It is a WiFi capable router but not LAN or xDSL.  It’s a combined cable modem and Wireless capsble router.  It is conveniend but can be a pain in the backside when one wishes to use their own router.  I guess the Thomson TWG870 is works only up-to G wireless speeds and standards?

There would be a need to get another router that works up to N speeds and standards and somehow disable the Thomson TWG870’s wireless facility and configure it to behave as a network bridge to allow the other router to take over.

Other option is to buy an access point that works to N wireless standards.

Yes, I changed the channel/frequency the wireless transceiver uses. At first I tried to run everything wireless. That didn’t work. So I wired everything. Both the WD TV Live Hub and the My Book Live are wired. The cables are short (no more then 1,5 metre)

Video suffers, music (Mp3) is fine. 

You share my opinion that the problem is the Thomson? My provider delivered the Thomson with a 60 Mbit subscription. Here are soms specs from the manual:

Wireless Voice Gateway Features
• High Speed Data Service Solution
• EuroDOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, dual-mode (DOCSIS / EuroDOCSIS)
• Giga Ethernet router with 4x Standard RJ-45 connectors for 10/100/1000Mbps. Auto-negotiation
and MDIS functions
• Wi-Fi 11n wireless connection
• Wireless security: multiple SSID and WPS solution
• Two RJ-11 Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) ports for phone and fax connections
• Support simultaneous voice and data communications
• Two simultaneous voice conversations in the different FXS ports with different CODEC: PCM
A-law, PCM-law, G.723.1, G.729, G.729a, G.729e, G.728, G.726, BV16 and BV32
• Echo Cancellation
• Voice Active Detection (VAD)
• DTMF detection and generation
• Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)
• Support V.90 fax and modem services
• RSA and 56 bit DES data encryption security
• SNMP network management support
• IPv4 and IPv6
• Advanced security features
• Support Web pages and private DHCP server for status monitoring
• Clear LED display
• Plug and Play 

Should be working up to N; but it doesn’t.