Problem sorting files

I am trying to do what in my eyes should be a simple enough task.

I have a 2TB self powered external HDD that all my movies are stored on, it is plugged locally into the WDTV unit.

I am trying to sort my movies out by release date with the newest 1st.

In the “sorting Data” tab I am choosing the following

  1. Filter > All
  2. Sorting > Date (decending)

I had expected these two settings to arrange the entire list of movies in their release date order.

Where am I going wrong folks :confounded:

Wouldnt that just order them by date created on the disk?

if valid xml’s exist

it will use those dates for sort order

dates must also be in correct format

if valid xml’s do not exist or are an invalid format

I’m not sure what WD will do

probably list them as unknown or last

I supose it’s also possible

if no xml’s exist, it could try to arrage by date added to hdd