Problem on automatic scrapping


Since few days i have a problem with automatic scrapping.

Indeed, i cannot get data automatically, only manually TV show by TV Show. My files, TV Shows, are in the internal drive as following : 

  • Banshee

    - S01

  • Revolution

    - S01

    - S02

Of course the FW is the last one.

Any idea ?



How are the files named?

Provide an exact sample.


Banshee S01E01

Revolution S01E01 …


I assume there’s a valid extension even though you omitted them.

Try putting a decimal between the show name and the S, such as:


Extension is obviously a valid one. It is .MKV :wink:

I can test it but i don’t think it is the point. Indeed, i’ve just checked, it is working for the TV show The killing US (ex: The Killing US S01E01.MKV).

I don’t understand, if the probem is the name, why can i do it manually ?

Furthermore, when i scrap it manually i have few propositions, for the same result. For instance, when i scrap “Vikings S01E01.MKV” it propose :

  1. Vikings

  2. Vikings

  3. Vikings (2012)

All 3 results are good, linked to the right TV Show / season / episode. Does the software doesn’t know wich one to choose ?


PS #1: Is there any limit of the number of folders ?

I found that with the year it works for few TV show like  : Vikings 2013.

So when it find multiple result, for the same TV show, it stop where XBMC propose to choose …

But for others TV shows like Homeland, Banshee, nothing …