Problem My Cloud Ex 2 ultra network display


I have bought a new WD My Cloud EX 2 ultra and have the following problem:
The storage is activated and installed correctly and is shown in the Windows 10 Explorer network view.
While clicking on the button the WD Dashboard opens in my internet browser.
There’s no chance to open the storage folder from the NAS itself.
I can access to My and the Dashboard is working too.

Furthermore it’s not possible to gain access via the windows explorer network integration.
It seems it’s a Windows 10 problem which doesn’t allow to have access.

The SMB 1.0 protocol Windows 10 problem is already checked and activated in the WIndows 10 settings.
The NAS is connected directly to my Router via LAN cable.
The NAS + PC is working in the same network with the same name.
I have already tried to disable all the windows firewall settings without success. No other firewall/virus software is installed.

Does anybody has an idea or solution to solve this topic?

Thanks in advance