Problem: My Book Duo doesn't wake up after sleeping

Using a brand new My Book Duo with an iMac. After 30 minutes (the default), the drive goes to sleep if not in use, and the status LCD flashes slowly.

After that, the disks still exist on the desktop but opening the disk does not wake up the drive, and all the files are gone, as if the disk is empty. If I try to add a file or unmount the volume, there is an error.

The only way to get access again is to restart the computer. I’m not comfortable cycling power to the drives when the OS still thinks they’re mounted.

I have tried disabling sleep entirely in WD Drive Utilities and turning on drive sleep in the Energy Saver control panel. Same behaviour.

If I turn off all sleep, the drive stays spinning and status LED is solid, but the drive is very warm, even after hours of not being used.

Notes about my configuration:

  1. I’m using a USB 2.0 connection. Yeah, slow - but it’s just a backup drive and I plan to get a new iMac when they come out in October and USB 3.0 will be available
  2. I’m using the Duo in JBOD mode. I encrypted both individual volumes with Disk Utility.


I recommend you contact WD support for assistance wit this.

Did you resolve this issue? Am asking as I think the issues that I am experiencing have something to do with the sleep setting and OS X Sierra.

Hi Rebecca,

I filed a ticket with support. They didn’t have an answer so they escalated it to the next support tier. No word since. It’s been almost a month since I first contacted them.

I’ve the same issue with my book duo Mac OS High Sierra. After several minutes of inactivity, my book change the icon on my desktop (black drive icon, switch in a generic orange drive icon) and the drive cannot be opened. If I try to disconnect drive via software, finder goes in not responding and I must to restart Mac by the power button, or disconnect the USB. When I restart my Mac, mybook duo read for 5 minutes something (the blue led is blinking) and than works again. I’ve tryed to format mybook without success… I’ve uninstalled Bitdefender without success… I don’t know the solution :(((

Hi glauko99,

I ended up buying a new iMac as planned, sold the old one, and have absolutely no issues with any of my WD drives now. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Definitely file a support ticket with WD.

Good luck,


so based on your experience, you think it’s a PC problem … :frowning:

Yeah, luckily my old one was 2011 vintage so I feel I got enough years out of it, and there were still people willing to buy it at that point.

so based on your experience, you think it’s a PC problem … :frowning:

Maybe it’s enough a mac OS initialization … :thinking:

Who knows. It’s an incompatibility somewhere between Mac OS, the Mac hardware and the WD enclosure. Some combinations work, some don’t, I guess.

If it’s in warranty, file a ticket with WD Support if you haven’t already.

You might try uninstalling WD Utilities. That fixed a similar problem I was having with a My Passport for Mac and My Passport Ultra (refer to My Passport don't wake up on Mac).