Problem Installing win 7 in new WD 3200 AAJS

i have bought a new WD 3200 AAJS 320 GB SATA drive and want to install Win 7 on it but i shows the following error

" windows cannot be installed to this disk. the computer hardware may not support booting to this disk. ensure the disk controllers is enabelled in the computers bios menu"

My system specs are Dell Optiplex 755, 2.13 C2D processor, 2 GB Ram. and Bios version is A20. i have checked and enabelled first ACHI mode for hard disk then ATA and in last Legacy but the error got same
i have also attached the image of error
please i am waiting for your esteemed help.

Best Regards.


Try loading the motherboard drivers to the HDD

its very strange that i load mother board drivers to HDD because i have a working 500 gb seagate drive which is working quite finely. so how can i load motherboard driver to HDD on C2D system with latest bios update.