Problem connecting wifi network ii

Problem connecting wifi network let me just say I’m pretty experienced user but this happens too regularly I want to transfer files from my windows 7 64bit pc to drives connected to the wd live smp but windows 7 can’t see the dam wd live smp I’ve only managed to stream once in the three years since I’ve had it usually I transfer files but I’m increasingly frustrated by windows 7 can’t see the wd live smp I’ve even tried another media box but I’m to use to the gue of the wd

Hello there,

On this case i recommend Verifying that the unit is on the same workgroup also try to ping the unit from the computer to see if there is any comunication in the local network. in case you are not able to see the unit or get a ping response try contacting WD support for further assistance:

i’ve tried all that and it still is very flakey i’ve had it popcorn hour is far better