Problem connecting to network etc

I am using windowz 7 on a macpro with bootcamp. I am running the playon software, newest version. The system is sending a signal to the wdtv live plus. The wd device is connected to a vizio tv  via hdmi. The wdtv picks up the signal from the computer for general files when selected. When the playon settup is elected which the wdtv sees I briefly see what’s available to me via playon. Then the windows disappear and I get the : There was a problem connecting to the network. The device could not connect to the network. What’s up ?

My ipod touch using the playon app runs fine. The other media chices on the Wdtv live function. The firewall is allowing mediamall  the playon software to come through.


PlayOn is not a feature that comes with your WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player and is also a paid service, meaning that accessibility is not optimal to all WD TV Users. Have you tried contacting PlayOn support for additional information or the possible reasons that can cause such an error? If provided, that information may allow more Users from the WD Community to better help you.

So the ■■■■ continues. The WDtv just is not versitle enough for my needs. Maybe I’ll use the bluray player and can the wdtv. It works with the bluray player. After the fiasco of last year with playon it looks like WD does not want it to work on their device.