Problem - Can ANYONE solve it ? :(

Hello there guys,

I have a problem and i  don’t know what to do, maybe some smart fellas here can help me.

I have a WD external hd my book essential 1tb. I also had  a password on. It wass almost full with data, very important to me.

So, i installed a program similar to Partition Magic (don’t recall the exact name) for Windows 7 x64. I run the program and saw that the whole WD drive had arround 1 TB as UNNALOCATED disk space, so i  thought to “alocate” it and make a good partion. Very stupid of me. After that, windows doesn’t see this HDD anymore, i tryied reinstalling the software, move the HDD on another computer, intall fresh, nothing works… No opperationg system and no similar programs such as “Partition Table Doctor.v.3.0.” can see the HDD anymore…

Any bright mind here has any ideea on how to recover the data on it and how can i see the HDD again?

Thanks a lot in advance!


First you have to verify five things.

1)      Is the drive spin-up when you apply power to the drive? If not you have a power supply/drive hardware problem. You cannot proceed to next step.

2)      Make sure to disconnect all other ext. drives except the one you need to recover.

3)      Drive spinning & USB connection ON. – Check hardware installation on XP/Vista/7 Device Manager. (Win Key + R on your keyboard and type devmgmt.msc on Run window. Device manager will open)

4)      Expand Disk Drives and see your subjected Drive is listed there. If not you have connection or hardware issue and cannot proceed.

5)      If listed, close device manager window.

6)      Now open Disk Manager. (Win Key + R and type Diskmgmt.msc and hit enter)

7)      On Disk Manager, look for your drive is listed. (If your drive is listed, you should see a disk showing closer to your drive size)

8)      If your drive is okay, you should see it on BLUE heading.

9)      If your drive is not properly setup, header will be BLACK.

10)  If it is black and you cannot see a drive letter assigned e.g. (E:), right click on that drive area choose “Change Drive Latter or Path/Add drive letter. Proceed with the instructions on screen.

11)  If you ware successful, you should be able to see your drive on the Windows explorer and use it.

If last step wasn’t successful, or drive itself is not initialized, then you’re in BIG trouble. But if you have no fear, there is an unorthodox way of recovering your data.

If you don’t care about your data and you just want to recover your drive? Follow these instructions.

Partition & Format Drives:!!&p_li=&p_topview=1

And if you want to recover your data and take the  Red pill and go all the way… read on…

Disclaimer: Don’t hold me responsible if you lose your data for good! I have done this only once and it was successful.

1)      Right click on your correct drive and choose delete partition (If it is portioned).

2)      Quick Format using NTFS (default) and give a name you prefer. Once formatting is completed, you should see your drive in BLUE with drive letter & name assigned.

3)      Now you should be able to see your drive in Windows explorer.


5)      Now open Internet explorer and open Google and look for software named Active@Undelete. (You can do this before hand)

6)      Get hold of full version and install on your Programs as you normally do.

7)      Run Acive@Undelete and point to your USB newly partitioned & formatted drive.

8)      Choose deep scan mode.

9)      This will take long time depending on your drive size and report you with long list of files that can be recovered.

You can select multiple files and choose “Recover” to a different drive. (Not to the same drive)

Note: you’ll see some file/folders you have deleted long time back. You can ignore them and their health status may not be good. (overwritten) At least 90% or more files can be recovered in this way.

Good Luck… You need that.

Mabikay – SLK

P.S. Current version of Active @ Undelete can recover deleted partitions - Try that before you take the Red Pill.

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer.

My huge problem until now was the fact that neither Windows or any other program could see this HDD.  I don’t think it’s a power problem because the lights are on  (like they should  be) and i can also hear the working sound.  Also, The USB is fine because i tryied it with other things and it work.

So any ideea how i can make Windows SEE this **bleep** HDD?

Have tried all the steps I have described on the previous message? Try Active@Undelete option and let us know.

Mabikay - SLK


I tryed Active@Undelete , not working, still i cannot see the HDD. 

After trying all software, i removed the HDD from the Box and directly connected to PC. Bios cannot see this HDD…

Any thoughts?

I am afraid your drive has a major hardware failure if, your BIOS cannot see your drive. Please try warranty replacement if it is still under warranty. (And don’t mention that you have opened the enclosure) :smiley:

Mabikay – SLK

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any chance to recover the data on it ?

Most of the time yes. If you’re willing spend around US$ 1000.00 or more for data recovery professionals.

Look in here…


Mabikay – SLK

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i can hear the HDD working ,and someone told me it might be only an electronic failure. Is it possible to buy a similar HDD, take the working electronic sistem and swap it with the bad one? Would it work ?

It’s gambling they constantly change the circuit board.  Some have got lucky but most haven’t fzabkar is the only one who has any real understanding of these boards.