Pro upgrade for cloud backup : 1 time fee? How much space?


I purchased a My Passport 1TB hard drive and use the WD Smartware software that comes with it to frequently backup my laptop. However, I would be very interested to understand the cost and space for the Pro upgrade. It says currently there is a promotion of $19.95. Is this a 1 time fee? Monthly? How much cloud storage space does this give? Is it 1TB cloud space like the hard drive? I find it hard to believe it would be a 1 time fee of $19.95 for 1TB of space with dropbox through the WD Smartware software, but if I go through dropbox, it’s a monthly fee of 9.99.

WD SmartWare Pro and Dropbox pricing are separate. A WD SmartWare Pro licence works for 3 computers, and does charge additional fees.

However, Dropbox is a separate service. If you already have a Dropbox account you can use WD SmartWare Pro to backup your files into Dropbox’s cloud servers.

I don’t have a My Passport but a My Cloud and upgrading to WD SmartWare Pro was free and as stated before in Trancer post can be placed on up to three computers.


Thank-you for the replies… I still don’t fully understand though, so I’ll ask my question differently.
If I want 1TB of cloud storage to back up with the WD Smartware Pro software, how much does it cost? (Please specify if monthly, annually, or 1 time fee).
Thanks in advance.

Have you read the SmartWare User Manual? Here is the link and it can also be found under the Help tab.

If you already have a dropbox account then the User Manual or under the Help tab will tell you how to choose and backup to it.


Thank-you for commenting…however it doesn’t really answer my question.
The user manual explains “HOW” to backup, but doesn’t say what the cost is.
I would like to know: if I want 1TB of cloud space for backing up with the WD Smartware, how much does it cost (please specify if this amount is a 1 time fee or monthly, or annually, …?).

You will need to visit Dropbox’s website for that information. Dropbox is not a Western Digital service.

If you have already looked at dropbox and know a monthly price why are you asking us? I too recommend looking at the Dropbox website, use following link, Secure Team Collaboration - Dropbox Business. When I looked at this a box came up asking me if I wanted to talk with a representative of dropbox and he or she could answer all my questions. I suggest you do this.

If you are asking if there is a monthly fee to use SmartWare, none that I am aware of. I have had SmartWare Pro for a little over two years and did not pay anything for it.

I am asking what the cost is because it’s not clear.
WD Smartware is saying the Pro upgrade is $19.95, but not specifying if the fee is a 1 time cost or annually or monthly… and also does not specify how much cloud storage space? Is it for 1TB of cloud storage or more or less?
I repeat the question…If I want 1TB of cloud storage to backup my personal files and folders using the WD Smartware, how much does it cost?

As I posted in my first post I have the WD My Cloud Four Terabyte. Bought it new. Speaking for myself only, this is what I back up my two computers to. I downloaded SmartWare and the upgrade to SmartWare Pro was free. I haven’t paid anything. I do not use dropbox!

If you own a My Passport One Terabyte then you already own your storage device. If you use SmartWare Pro and Dropbox then the only thing you should have to pay for is dropbox.

Visit the Learning Center and read more about SmartWare.


Thank-you for your explanations… I think it is clear now.
Basically, the WD Smartware Pro upgrade fee of $19.95 is just for the software, no actual cloud storage space. To purchase cloud storage space, it uses Dropbox, which I would have to pay the Dropbox monthly fee of $9.99 for 1TB.