Print a hard copy of Library content?

Is it possible?

I use WDTV solely to play movies off a 2TB external drive that I leave connected to one of the USB ports.

I could easily list out the content of the drive using DOS or a utility, though that would just give me the name of the file and a range of its characteristics. So all I would get in terms of an index would be the names of the movies, as I could exclude filesize/type etc by nomination.

However …

Does WDTV maybe have the ability to output library content as a relatively simple printable file/list, and if so can that be selective as I’d take just the movie title but it would be useful to also show genre, year and maybe main headliner?

Thanks for any guidance, I have gone through the forum pagers quite a way and don’t see this question already.  

Yep, it’s relatively easy to do with a program like SQLite Browser or anything similar.

Just access the CAS file in the .wd_tv folder, and run a query like

select * from video order by name;

…modify the SQL query to fit your needs.

Tony: Thank you, that seems perfect!