Prevent WD2000 in USB 3.0 Docking Station from spinning down?

Does anyone know how to configure a WD2000 to keep it from spinning down after inactivity?  I’m using it in a Sharkoon USB 3.0 Docking Station.  Works fine but if idle for about 10 minutes I can hear it spin down.  I set the USB 3.0 card driver for performance but I don’t see any other settings for inactivity control.

Not sure if it’s the drive or the dock that needs to be configured but I don’t have utility software for either(I pulled the HD out of an old HP Pavilion.)

I’d appreciate if anyone knows the solution.  Just because if I run programs that will read from the drive they are going to kick out errors unless I manually kick the drive up in explorer first.  Kind of a pita. :slight_smile:

As an experiment I tried WD 750 GB Caviar Black and it powers down with that also.  Guess it must be something in the Sarkoon dock.  It appears not to be adjustable.