Prevent meta data retrieval for some folders

For the folders with the movies I want meta data retrieval, but NOT for the folder with my TV series. Are there options to block meta data download from internet for several folders?


there’s no specific option I know of for this

couple of idea

  1. set get metadata to manual

so that is doesn’t automatically try to get data

  1. set permissions on your TVSeries folder to read only, so that the WD can’t write to it

If you set the TV folder to be read only, won’t the SMP refuse to use that folder with Media Library?  Seems like that is what I recall.  Setting scraping to be manual and simply not getting content for TV series is probably the best option.

One question I have though is why one wants to use Media Library with movies but not with TV series?  I actually find it more useful for TV series, since I don’t recall at all what each of maybe dozens and dozens of episodes of a show are about.  So the metadata is absolutely critical if I want to rewatch some particular episode of a TV series.  On the other hand, I have some idea what most movies are about, so I never really need it to pick a movie to watch.

The way the SMP stores TV servies metadata is rather wasteful, since it stores multiple copies of the same backdrops, etc. for each episode.  This can be cleaned up, however–although I wouldn’t recommend doing it by hand.  I wrote a small (Linux shell) script to clean mine up the way I wanted (actually two scripts for two different SMPs, set up differently).  Can save quite a bit of space with a show like Chuck, with a significant number of episodes, many backdrops, where all the backdrops for all the seasons are the same.

I’ll try the Read-Only option… and give you feedback soon.

Thanks, so far.


I think ncarver is correct

or at least it makes sense, no write access, then WD can’t add it to the media library