Preserve Directory/Folder timestamps

Hi. I am new to using the EX2 ULTRA. I connected a USB Passport to the back of the NAS. I used the OS 5 USB BACKUP app to copy all of the Passport into the NAS.

All directory timestamps are updated to NAS creation date, individual files are correct. How do I preserve the original source timestamps?

Do I need to keep my laptop on, or is the APP running internal to the NAS

The backup “app” of the device is independent of the PC. You can turn it off.

The behavior you comment on regarding directory creation date also occurs on Win10 NTFS volumes. (I have not noticed this on the NAS before. . . but I wasn’t looking)

Thank you.

Follow-up question. Once the app is started can it be aborted?

Don’t know.

Is there a cancel button?

I bet you can hibernate the NAS to stop it.
Yanking the drive is probably viable last resort.

Or do a reboot, when system reboot remove the external drive.