Pre-planning installation - Advice solicted

My Passport Ultra 1 TB arrives on 8/24
system in use; ASUS laptop X556U 12GB Ram 512GB SSD Windows 10 build 1607, ASUS docking station HZ-3A with USB 3.0 ports.
Q1: upon plugging the Ultra into the PC for the 1st time: should I up date the firmware first?
Q2: considering all I have read about the use of a USB hub; the HZ-3A docking station is powered, has my monitor, Ethernet cable and a USB jump drive used a temp save location. I would like to plug the Ultra into the docking station and leave it there; Do community members have any warnings, comments or advice to share?
Q3: under the above conditions: would the ultra always receive the same drive letter when the laptop is docked?
Q4: if yes to all the above: can I assign saved pictures, videos and music to the drive letter/subdirectory in Windows 10 default save locations?
Thank you in advice for all remarks


Can you please share the model number of your drive to determine if there is a firmware update available?

WD does not recommend plugging the drive into a USB HUB. If you do then it is better if it is a powered one.

I know it does receive the dame drive letter if it is plugged in directly into the computer. Im not sure if it will receive the same drive letter while it is plugged into a HUB. Maybe other users can share their experience with us.

Never tried this.

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Hello Hamlet and thank you for the feedback. The model number of the drive is WDBGPU0010BBL-0B. The writing is small and the eyes are old, but I believe I got it right. The drive was connected to the computer this morning. All went well, software now loaded on the computer. Drive has been registered. It works well. Tonight I try it back home on the docking station. Unless I receive additional input from the community, I will start my file saving (by Windows default location) and learn if the drive retains the drive letter assignment after un-dock/re-dock conditions.
Again, thank you for your comments.
Best Regards

This model number does not have a firmware update.

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