PR4100 remote access disabled. Cannot access it

I have a PR4100 and I am currently travelling, it has all of a sudden started saying remote access disabled and I can no longer access it. I have had a few WDC alerts saying media scanning am has stopped. But nothing else. My father has access to it and has followed all the steps in the “what to do when it says remote access disabled” knowledge base article. Can anyone else help? It is a new NAS.

Hi brightskyapps,

Did you follow the below KBA article to enable the Remote Access on My Cloud PR4100 device?

In Dashboard, turn OFF Cloud Access for a few moments and then turn it back on. You likely will have remote access again as the router was giving NAS a new IP for remote access and this step allows NAS to read the new IP. This problem will happen when router reboots but NAS is not rebooted or the above cloud access step is not taken.

Ok so I found that it had deleted all the emails from the cloud accounts. Kept the accounts but deleted the emails. Absolutely shocking software. Same as all NAS software. Can’t be trusted.