PR4100 Not showing all my files and folders online

I just upgraded to the My Cloud OS 5 for my PR4100. I have several terabytes of data stored on it and it took about a week to index my files. However, when I access the drive from logging in to WD My Cloud, In alot of the directories, it doesnt show all my files and folders. When I access the directory locally they are there but online, it only shows some of the folders. Another thing that was odd is in several folders I just have loose files in there and I can’t even see those files. I deleted the online access account information from the PR4100 and recreated another with a new password and it took 3 days to index my files again to the same issue. The folders that were indexed and I could access, I moved those missing folders that werent showing in my directories and moved them into the indexed folders and I still cant see them. The unit no longer shows that it’s indexing and I still cant see all my files and folders. The accounts that they are setup under all have full access to those folders the view and make changes. I rebooted the system several times and Im at a loss.


Please refer to the following KBA article: My Cloud OS 5 Cloud Access Content Indexing FAQ

hello logan

We are seemingly just missing access to the data on the PR4100. it shows 7TB of data in use but when we access using the My cloud OS 5 all the available folders are empty. Zero data found. how do we access the missing 7TB of data?