Pr4100 Memory showing 16mb instead of 16gb

I upgraded to memory from 4gb to 16 but it’s showing as 16mb so I decided to change back to the original memory but that’s showing as 4mb does anyone have a solution to fix this


You should place this in the sub forum for your device. Do you have OS3 or OS5?

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I don’t know how to post is the sub forum and I’m not sure how do I find out is it’s os3 or os5?


If you clicked on the link, I gave you and want to create your topic there then click on the New Topic button. If it were me, I would highlight and copy what you have posted here and then paste it into the new topic. Be sure to state that you have a Pro 4100.


Look at your Dashboard and see what firmware you have.

Example information.

Firmware 5.27.157 is for OS5. If you have 04.xx.xx then it’s OS3.