PR4100 File Transfer Questions


Couple things. I have a macbook; is there any difference in adding files to my NAS 4100 via the mycloud dashboard or just drop and drag files in the PR4100 listed in my mac’s finder bar? If i use the finder, will it sync to mycloud?

Second, oddly as i am transferring music files, it will not transfer over track 2’s of each disc. never had this happen before. Shows error in transfer via mycloud platform but when i use the finder, they transfer fine.

Third in the finder on my mac, some of the folders are oddly named. like gibberish GH44HFRU names. But folders names are correct on mycloud

Note that there are specific subforums for the My Cloud PR Series.

OS3 Firmware My Cloud PR Series
OS5 Firmware My Cloud PR Series

The My Cloud Dashboard is the administration interface for the My Cloud device. It is not a file manager interface. The web portal is the remote access portal for accessing one’s My Cloud from a remote location.

For local network access, just use Mac Finder to copy/drag files to/from your computer to the My Cloud on your local network.

For remote access one can use the web portal to copy files to/from their computer to their My Cloud device. Generally one does not store files on WD back end servers, all files are stored on one’s My Cloud when using the web portal. The WD portal is just the middleman between your computer and your remote My Cloud device.