PR4100 - Do You need To Defrag It?


Hi there,

I am curious… I know desktop single drives need defragged and SSDs do NOT get defragged. I have a PR4100 with 4 WD Red drives in it at 8TB each for a 32Tb total. It is in Radi 5 config.

Do these WD units need defragged from time to time? If so, what tools do I need to do it? I have searched google on this topic and never really get any solid answers about the PR4100. I see other systems and brands and suggestions for them on defragging, but not much if anything is found about the PR4100??


The PR4100 uses ext4, which generally doesn’t need defragmentation. There also no defrag tools in the firmware, you’d have to build them yourself.


Oh awesome! Thanks for the reply!