PR4100 and Link Aggregation


As a new NAS user I have lot’s of questions and I don’t know where else to ask them than in here :slight_smile:

Is there a best practice regarding Link Aggregation with the PR4100? Right now, I’m using ‘Round Robin’ and I’ve got my NAS connected to the same switch (unmanaged) with two CAT6 cables. I don’t feel that I’ve got slow performance in any regard, I just want to know if there is a better way of doing this. Does anyone know? What I would like to achieve is both redundancy and better performance, if possible, using both interfaces. Is the later even possible without a manageable switch?

Robert Nilsson

Hi NuVista175,

I would recommend you to refer below article to get network configuration recommendations for best performance for data transfer, network backups, remote access and media streaming with a My Cloud device.

Hello and thanks for that link. Interesting reading, but it doesn’t answer my question really regarding Link Aggregation on PR4100. As I wrote, I used ‘Round Robin’ at the time of my post. Since then, I’ve changed into ‘Adaptive Load Balancing’ and experience less hiccups when it comes to serving larger BluRay files (50-70GB) to Plex. Everything involved in media streaming has got wired (CAT6) connections to the same 24p 1 Gbit switch and the PR4100 itself has got two wired connections, so my question is really - since the switch isn’t manageable, what is the best Link Aggregation option for me. So far, I would say Adaptive Load Balancing.

// Robert

Hi NuVista175,

As per the explained scenario, Adaptive Load Balancing would be the best option for you as it has high fault tolerance which would be best for streaming media files over the network. You may refer to the below-provided link to know more about link aggregation options on the WD My Cloud Drive.

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Thank you Brandon.