Pr2100 RAID 1 is expansion…i think I screwed up

so i have a wd pr2100 on os 5x has been woth 2 6 TB drives on RAID 1. i wanted to expand the soze by updrading to 12TB drives.

However i found first general articles for expanding size which said how to replace the drives and to allow auto rebuild.

I did that, but literally just the drive swap. after doing that and it all finished i noticed that it only recognized still the 6TB for the Volume deapite the drives showing 12TB.

so i went back soecifically searching for raid one and found the instructions to go into the raid settings and check expand storage and to THEN GO AHEAD AND REPLACE THE DRIVES AS THE UNIT DIRECTS…

so …i did that and just popped the 12tb drives out and back in to hopefully register the difference in aize and oroceed with the expansion.

WELL IT SEEMS TO HAVE DONE THAT , at least per the system stays updates. however under dosks it still is only showing the 6TB (5.94) Volume size…

HOWEVER… the main activitrmy status still says “expandng” and where the status bar was earlier doing that the bar is now gone and where the time to complete would show it now says “UNKNOWN”.

the deive indicator lights are both solid BLUE. and i dont hear anything really going on.

so im unsure if the fact that i swapped the drives without doing the raid 1 size expansion method, thatbits now messed up and will NOT UPDATE THE VOLUME TO SHOW 12TB.

so first question is has anyone made this mitake and what was the outcome/solution? will waiting it out catch it up or do i need to redo the process from scratch…

IF I DO NEED TO REDO, i have the original 2 6TB drives still and am contemplating shutting down and putting back the original 26TB droves and spinning it up to see if it comes up ok. if then no biggie. i can manually wipe the 12TB and restart the process this time the roght way through the RAID 1 Expansion method…

thoughts? tips? actual experience with this situation?? Any help appreciated!

and the data is fone still as when i go to plex the mivies still come up and play so the data appears to all be intact…its just the pr2100 not acknowloedgong the RAID 1 volume expansion from 6 to 12, even tho ot DOES see the DOSKS ARE 12TB and it will allow me to make an additional volume but not what i want…

Screen shots attached so u can see the conflicting messages

so NEVERMIND. i went ahead and rebooted it and when it came up it corrected the RAiD Volume soze to 11.9TB (12TB) and status is now actove and health!

YAS! So even tho o screwed up all worked out well!

it all worked out great!

Hi @jamilmereck ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: