PR2100 expand storage after drive failure

I need some advice on how to proceed with an RMA return. Here is my story.

Running PleX on an 8tb PR2100 NAS (2 4tb drives) Getting near full capacity so I decided to double storage by getting 2 8tb drives with the plan of replacing the 4’s.

Before receiving the new 8’s one of the existing 4’s failed (RAID failure, drive degraded, etc) So I initiated a warranty claim. WD sent me an entirely new PR2100 with two 4tb drives.

Rather than replace enclosure I simply switched out a new 4tb with the failed one. That process got me back to normal in the existing (old) enclosure. I then started the process of replacing the 4’s with my newly purchased 8’s. One at a time, then expanded storage so existing PR2100 enclosure has two new, functioning 8tb drives.

Since it was an RMA I need to send back a PR2100 with two 4tb drives so I don’t get charged.

My question is whether I should swap out the two good 8’s (currently in my old enclosure) into the new enclosure. As I am not sure whether the 4tb failure was due to an enclosure defect or just a bad drive I would like to use the new enclosure.

But since the existing enclosure was already function on my network, RAID setup, etc., I am not sure I want to tackle more work.

Should I move the 8’s to the new enclosure and return the old one to WD or just leave it as it is with the 2 new 8’s in my “old” PR2100 enclosure?

Hi HubFlyer,

Here is a way to use new 8TB drives with My Cloud PR2100, you can put 8TB drives in old or new My Cloud PR2100 enclosure. As the only one of 4TB drive is failed so other one would be accessible on network when you connect. Access both My Cloud PR2100’s, old with 4TB drive and new with 8TBs, and copy the data of 4TB My Cloud PR2100 to the new 8TBs My Cloud.
You can send back the failed drive along with My Cloud PR2100 enclosure.