PR2100 access to the Plex is lost every 24 hours

PR2100 (2.31.204) that i use as Plex server for media.
Since the day i installed the Plex app, I am having a problem.

When I open the Plex app from the MyCloud Dashboard by hitting the (Configure) button, the PR2100 is found in Plex. I can also find it on other devices running Plex as well. (Home network, and Remotly, DLNA).

But every morning access to the Plex is lost. I can’t connect to the Plex (Home network, and Remotly, DLNA).
I have to login to the MyCloud Dashboard, go to Apps, Plex App, then I turn off and then turn on the app (Run app:).
After that access to the Plex (Home network, and Remotly, DLNA) is restored.
This happens every day.

It seems that the Plex freezes (hung) at night. And not only Plex app. Transmission Web interface app show error every morning to ( Connection Failed. Could not connect to the server. You may need to reload the page to reconnect…)

It looks like something is happening at night with the RP2100 device (sleep or something) and because of this, the Plex appp anf Transmission app stops working.

In Energy Saver I turn off off Drive Sleep, but it didn’t help.

This seems to be a popular experience that I am finding all over the internet, but I am not finding any settings, configuration, or updates that have fixed this issue.

If anyone has a resolution, or a fix to this, please respond.

Thank you in advance.

Quick idea, if you use dhcp, try fixed ip jnstead

Tnanks, but I’m already using fixed ip in my home network.

Ok i have 4 PR4100s all running Plex and Emby and not once had this problem
How about as a first step stopping all other apps except Plex and seeing if it still happens

I only have 2 apps installed - Plex and Transmission.
I describe how the server works and what I did:
I have uninstalled the Transmission app.
However, the Plex server stopped responding (web link, dlna) again after a few hours (about 8 hours).
I also noticed that the PR2100-server is also running very slowly (the web page loads slowly, and transitions between tabs load very slowly).
Then I assumed that there is some running process in the PR2100 system, that makes it difficult for the PR2100 system to work. This assumption is confirmed by the fact that after restarting the PR2100, it starts working quickly, but after a few hours, the PR2100 starts working slower.

Then I uninstalled the Plex server and restarted PR2100.
Re-installed the Plex server. The old version of the Plex software is installed by default. The Plex server offered to install the newer version manually, but I didn’t.
IMPORTANT: I also checked the Plex server settings and disabled the “Scan my library automatically” function (settings-library). I think that was the problem.

Now the PR2100 running for more than 12 hours and works fine.
Perhaps the problem is solved.


I followed the advice here and changed from DHCP to fixed IP and that fixed the problem.