PPTP or L2PT Support

it can be great if wd tv live hub could connect to a vpn with pptp, l2pt or open vpn…

Just curious…   WHY??

- Security and privately - because with a vpn, could prevent someone withdark knowledge of wireless networks dig into my Facebook, when I connectwith the wireless adapter, add a layer of security and privacy (and I do not like my isp put to use to analyze my network and then use these data to slow down the connection in certain Internet services such as streaming video, oruse such data to share with the government and the search for new methodsto censor without us account.)

- Censorship - also for countries like North Korea can not have or Facebookor YouTube.

- Alternatives - also for countries that do not have the privilege of having anonline market of multimedia content, from entering the U.S. market (Netflix, Pandora, Blockbuster), paying their premium subscriptions other than a VPNand make it visible in Living television thanks to the live tv wd hub(customers who do this are paying customers, and do not download illegal content (if denied access to a VPN will no choice but to seek alternative dark,losing these services clients ), and this will help because you increase the people who use these services from your media center by increasing theinterest of other services for your equipment and increasing the satisfaction ofthe services that you already have)

yes, vpn is very important for me