PowerPoint (or similar) Slide Show?

I am looking to use my WDTV Live Plus to play inside my retail store.  I was hoping to have it play a Power Point or similar slideshow that could have a mix of video and photo slides.  I would like to be able to set the length of time the photos display for, etc.  Is this possible?

You can definitely create a playlist – but whether it can play a mix of videos and stills I don’t know.  Try the freeware Playlist Creator to see.

If that doesn’t work you could use Powerpoint assuming you could output to a video format (like AVI).  It’s been years since I’ve used PP so I don’t remember if it does this, but you can always check it out.

You can tell PowerPoint to output your slideshow as JPG files.    Put the JPGs in one folder, then launch the slideshow in the WDTV.   Works pretty well for that.

If I do that, is there a way (within WDTV Live Plus) to set the length of time a particular JPG will be displayed for?

You can set up the length of time within the live plus. ( 3 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 30 secs , 1 / 5 minutes) You can also set transition effects if you want them.

Right; the same time applies to all files; no variability like you can do in a PPT slideshow itself.