Powerline unuseable when TV is turned on - fine when it's off

Hi there guys.

A quick one line about my Livewire setup. Pretty basic really.   Modem-router + Livewire A setup in master bedroom (as thats where adsl line is), Livewire B setup in living room and plugged into 2 PC’s only.    

Livewire B was plugged directly into the wall, the second of the wall sockets fed powerboards which powered TV, Amps, PC’s, Harddrives, etc.

Basically - When the 47’’ plasma TV’s turned off  the powerline works ok. Getting me internet speeds I’d expect and am happy with on my 2 PCs. with it, I am able to game, stream, download just fine and dandy. Speedtest.net showing about 15mb/s now problems.

When, however, the missus wants to watch TV in the evening, or little one wants to watch a DVD the internet is no longer usable. Speeds go way down to 0.4mb/s. The connection is never lost, just slows so bad.

Thinking the problem may be too much plugged into the wall socket next to the Powerline B one, I moved the TV to another wall outlet and tried a test again. Same result.

NOTE : This hasn’t always been the case! A few months ago, I use to set my plasma up as monitor to stream youtubes and sports directly to it. It’s only recently started effecting internet performance.

ALSO NOTE :  The router’s WIFI still sends decent internet out. So it’s not the router slowing down. My phone and tablets still get 15mb/s. It’s only things conencted to the powelrine (which just happen to be my gaming pcs…and I dont want to go wireless with them! :P).

What can I do to fix this? I hate telling my family to bugger off to the bedroom to watch TV :P. 

Though I don’t understand why the issue would have just started, it sounds like your TV adds a lot of “noise” to the power branch circuit.

You might try plugging your TV into a power conditioner / line filter, such as this: