Powerline pair not working on 2nd floor

It was working until couple of days back, the main floor pair is working fine, and if I bring the upstairs pair to downstairs, it is working as well. there has been no electrical work and this suddenly happened. Need help if someone has experienced this before.

Try connecting both to the same wall socket and press the sync button.

Thanks, let me try and report back

I did the following:

  1. swapped one unit from upstairs to downstairs and the unit that wasn’t working upstairs is working fine is the host now, since there is a downstairs user unit working off of it fine.

  2. pressed the sync button, but no change

  3. summarliy, units when moved downstairs are working normal, but not working upstairs and this happened overnight without any electrical work or changes happening in the environment.

The only thing left is put them on the same outlet and sync, I will try this out later today and report back.

Thoughts/ideas please?

A thought might be that the powerline boxes maybe on different sides of the electrical panel box. Inside the panel box are 2 banks of circuit breakers. I wonder if having one powerline box on the left side can connec and communicatet to a powerline box on the right side. I had this problem with another product and had to buy a connector to install inside the panel box to connect both sides (via a 220v breaker) to allow the signal to flow to both sides.

Maybe one of the WD techs would comment on how the network signal flows on the powerline.


Thanks, that’s a valid point, but these units have been working for past 2-3 months on the 2nd floor and just one night decided to make the entire 2nd floor a ethernet-free zone :slight_smile:

The Powerline AV specification doesn’t have connectivity gaps across phases like older standards did.  Performance can be slightly degraded, but not absent…  Maybe there’s noise on the circuit that wasn’t there before…

HOw do I fix noise, I want to try to eliminate all possibilities, since I don’t have a choice for wired networking except powerline.