Power surge. power bar


I know the product advised to not plug in a power bar but i wanna know if it will work anyway if its plugged in a power bar. My wall outlet is behind my tv wallmount and i can only plug 90degree  power cord that`s why i can’t plug it directly in the wall…

Thank you

Simple Power Strips usually won’t cause an issue.   BUT, if that power strip has ANY kind of transient protection, line filtering, or power conditioning, as it will likely interfere with the signal.

i see…when you say ‘‘ANY kind of transient protection’’ i presume a powerbar with a simple surge protector  will not work.

thats a bummer… almost any powerbar have surge protection.

i found this bar in my local store, you think it will work?


thanks for the reply!

I have no way of knowing, sorry…

I found the latest update on the development from this dude on their gadget on his latest videos. I find that it is very interesting that they may found the ultimate solutions for the most plc adapters in the market and would like to share wtih you guys as below:

Their device is more than just a line-noise filter - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7clRAEHV6dw
Powerline-Ace empowers WD Livewire - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNOT7AD310I

Cheers! :smiley:

After viewing this interesting & promising video http://goo.gl/fk3Ig  at YouTube, I am just wondering, wouldn’t it be great idea, if WD Livewire could collaborate with this guy/company to make a better performance powerline adapters for the global market? Since this guy have tested the WD Livewire at their office and have bold claims that they have the answers for the powerline adapter inherent problems.  With this synergistic  marriage, all the plc adapters fans, especially WD Livewire fans will be able to make many :smiley:  happy customers globally. We all would be looking forward for this synergistic marriage. Cheers! :wink: