Power Surge Fried my Motherboard and wiped data off External Hard Drive

Hi Everybody,

Even though I had my computer plugged into a surge protector, my motherboard is fried. I took my computer to the Geek Squad at Best Buy and this is the diagnosis that they gave me. When I tried to get my data off of my WD external hard drive on another computer, I discovered that the power surge also wiped the data off of it. Bummer.  Geek Squad told me that for 100 bucks, they can transfer the data from the internal hard drive to the WD external hard drive, but I would really like to save the 100 bucks and do it myself.This is the WD hard drive that I have:


I know I will need an anti-static wrist strap to go into the damaged computer to retrieve the hard drive, then what? Will there be a way for me to plug the USB cable into it and do a transfer? Once I do the transfer I would like to put the hard drive into the computer I’m using now, in addition to keeping the one that is already in there so I would assume that I would have to make the second hard drive a “slave drive”? If this is really difficult, then I guess I will have no choice then to fork over the 100 bucks to BB.  Thanks in advance for your responses.

AFAIK this has a proprietary connector

removing from the enclosure is not a good idea

contact another place for Data Recovery … even if able to connect to PC it will not be a walk in the park to get the Data

this is the reason why that service is expensive

I’d doubt your data can be wiped off the drive due to power surge. have you tried any data recovery software on your external drive?