Power supply rating for WD Elements 2Tb

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original power supply lost , it is 12 v dc , can someone advise amps as it is not written on the drive itself .

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I have a 2TB WD Elements (and a 3TB and 4TB Elements) … they all use the same rating power supply.

here’s a photo i took of it :slight_smile:

Dear JoeySmyth ,

many thanks for your answer and picture , I will proceed to buy correct charger .

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Do you (or does anyone) know what the US equivalent DC power supply adaptor is? Mine is lost and I need to buy one. I think mine is 1 TB.

For Reference, the hard drive’s P/N: 10000H1CS-00.

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The power supply rating for US is the same rating for all other countries it’s a switching AC adapter good for between 100V to 240V Input and 12V 1.5A Output.

(the only difference is the plug type which you can buy inexpensive universal adapters for a few bucks to convert the plug to your country socket.)

This is my WD Power Supply that came in the box (below)

It’s Australian plug type … but will work fine in the US with a universal adapter