Power suplyer of WD My BOOK dosn't work!

Suddenly my WD My Book Essential 1Tb stop working. And I recognized that the problem is in power suplyer. I connect power suplyer from my other WD just to be shure about it and yes it’s worked. But the biggest problem is - you need the same power suplyer to get data because it encrypted. Then I tryed to solve a problem with computer service laboratory and been told that there is no chance to get this power suplyer in any way exept to serch an internet and hope for lack. Please help! I hope it’s not nesessary to explain that I have there an importent data. Thanks in advance!

The power supply has nothing to do with encryption.

If your drive powers up with another drive’s power supply, you’re in good shape.

That’s hard to believe. Any universal power supply that provides the correct voltage, polarity, and rated current will work.

Look on the power supply. It is normal output 12V .5A - 2A. Buy an adapter like that. Then cut the connector from the old one and wire it to the new one. If the connector on the new one work then don’t cut it. You are in business. Or you can use whatever adapter that work for now to transfer the data out of that 1TB device to another device.