Power schedule

Good Morning,

When I initially setup my ex4, I set the power schedule to shutdown the NAS at 2am, and restart at 6am everyday. I decided that I wanted to change the schedule to power off from 4am to 6am instead. I made the change in the power schedule panel of the admin tool.

The problem is that the NAS still powers off from 2am to 6am anyway, even though the power schedule now shows 4am to 6am. I’ve tried a few things like disabling the power schedule completely. When I do the NAS will run 24/7. When I re-enable the schedule it always goes back to 2am to 6am no matter what times I put in the admin tool.

When the power schedule is enabled, I do see where there is a power off and power on entry in crontab for 2am and 6am, also making no difference what I have in the schedule panel. I have tried manually changing crontab to the times that I want, but it gets over written.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Were they able to fix? Disclaimer: I am still on 2.10.310 because of the threads about people not happy with the new firmware release.



Hello there,

I have not tried this, but lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

I also use the power schedule.
Initially I had set it up for a particular schedule, but experience showed me I needed to modify it. I used the admin tool, and although the new schedule showed in the tool, the server never stopped going by the original schedule, until I restarted it after verifying the schedule in the tool showed what I wanted to change to. After that all had been good, and I have not attempted another change since then. I do believe that I was on firmware 2.10.310 when I did this.

Hope this helps and works for you as well.

Thanks WFG. I gave this a try, but it did not change anything. It just keeps the same time schedule no matter what I do. I can only using the power schedule stuck at off 2 - 6am, or leave it running 24/7.