Power Requirements of WD My Passport 3TB Portable External Hard Drive

Hi, I recently purchased the model number WDBYFT0030BBL-WESN. I was just wondering if anyone was having information about the current and voltage requirements of it.
I searched the information Booklet, could not find anything there. Thanks in advance.

Power requirement used by My passport, would be depend upon on the internal hard drive placed and on its enclosure to rotate the platters of hard drives in order to store a data element. Depending on model, the internal hard drive in an external enclosure could be either SATA or native USB. So the power requirement would be similar to that of SATA or native USB drive but not confirmed about the exact value as the WD never reveal the name of internal drive in external enclosure.

External WD My Passport ( 3 Tb ) powered via USB 3.0 port.