Power plugging strange behaviour

Hi all,

on my My Cloud Home Duo I noticed that:

  1. plugging on the power jack will turn it on
  2. plugging on the wall power plug will not turn it on
  3. turning off and then turning on the power on the main home power circuit will turn it on

Isn’t it strange? I mean, I would expect the same behaviour in all cases, in particular on case 2… why it is not turning on while plugging on the wall power plug? This could access a couple of interesting things, such as mounting a smart plug to turn it on remotely.

Any comment?

What country are you in?
Sounds like the wall power plug may not have enough voltage, wattage or current to power up the unit.

Italy, we have 220-230 Volts.

Where can I find some info about the needed power?
Thank you