Power on/off on mycloud 3T

I would like to know if for a long period not work Terminal mycloud 3 TB should be turned off?
Thank you.

Sorry I don’t really get your question. But I’ll try to answer anyway:

  1. Terminal as in SSH like you’re asking in the other thread?
    The SSH terminal session will stay on till disconnected by user or network. If you want to force it timeout, place below in the bashrc (1800secs = 30mins):
    TMOUT=1800 readonly TMOUT export TMOUT

  2. Or how long till the MyCloud sleeps?
    This should be 10mins after no harddisk activities.

  3. Or do you mean MyCloud should be physically turned off after a long period?
    NASes are meant to be left running 24/7. The harddisk will spin down often when there’s no data activities to save more energy.

not just whether we can let the light all the time?

Tanks a lot for your help.

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