Power on from 8AM-6PM

We have multiple EX4100 units and would like to ensure they don’t go to sleep between 8AM and 6PM every day. Is there a way to keep them awake for those hours and let them sleep the rest of the time to save power?

See if this is what you’re looking for: page 79, 80 - drive sleep or power schedule on the user manual.

No, that powers down the unit. I don’t want the unit powered down at night, only to put the drives to sleep, as users will occasionally need the unit after hours. I’ve fooled with the power settings you’re talking about but recovery time from that is unacceptable.

It’s clear from the other posts here that many are not happy with the power options. If we had 2 hour window for drive sleep and not the 30 minute window it’d be no problem, but WD has done little to nothing to improve this or many other issues since the EX series shipped.

I was referring to drive sleep as well. You could simply turn off Drive Sleep while you’re at work.

Seriously Bill? That’s your solution? Turn off drive sleep when I get to work and turn it back on later? You have to be kidding me. That’s how WD instructs its staff to support customers? That has to be the most condescending thing a support rep has ever said to any customer.

I’m sorry, I’m not support. And, I’m just trying to give you some alternatives. If you would like to talk to support, you can probably set up a call back with them from right here…

Except, if the unit is more than 30 days old they won’t talk to you.

That is for when you do an initial contact with them. You should be able to still do a call back. However, if you’re concerned about it, you can create an email case and they will respond, always.