Power management and file buffering

I notice after a couple of hours of use certain files start stuttering during playback. I can clear the issue by pulling the power cable from the device. This is frustrating for a couple of reasons; 1) The new streaming device doesn’t actually power off when the power button is pressed. It goes into some sort of standby mode - I should have the option to power off the device with the remote rather than keep the device on in standby (and presumably the contents of the buffer and cache don’t clear either). 2) Cache management is poor. The Cache should be cleared whenever the power button is pressed. 3) Security - The device shouldn’t be accessible over a network when I have paced it into a powered off state. This introduces a fairly significant attack surface. Fingers crossed a we firmware update addresses these issues.

trakz wrote:
Fingers crossed a we firmware update addresses these issues.

    • *It’s all in the manual… Did you read it? And you’re worried about someone attacking your SMP on your own network??? C’mon.

No, I’m worried about having an http accessible interface on a supposedly powered off state. …and yes, I can, and did, read the manual. Holding the power button for 5 seconds is highly inappropriate where there is no disclosure on WD’s part that the web interface is still accessible in standby mode. Independent of the security issue, the local cache management is terrible.