Power loss during Firmware Update

I have had this unit for over a year now and I finally went to upgrade the firmware to the current version. When doing so, I update the firmware from the TV menu, then the device went to do its mandatory restart. During that reset, my house lost power (what are the chances). When we got power back I tried unplugging the device and then replugging it in the device turns on and the main screen comes up showing  “WD TV Media” and then after about 10-15 seconds on that screen it goes black and the TV reports that there is no signal. Any advice on how to fix this?

Personally, I think you ought to make a call to WD for assist.  This mishap could have bricked the WDTV, so get their advice…

It MIGHT resume the update from a USB thumb drive.


You need to know what version it was updating to and download it from WD’s site

Follow the instructions for updating, as best you can, from USB.


Try it if WD has no answer for you…nothing to loose and everything to gain at that point.