Power LED is solid red: problem or not?

Unit is product number: WDBWWD0120KBK - 40
with 4 WD red drives in RAID 10 with two new 4TB (recent replacements in bays 1 & 2)) and two older 3TB (in bays 3 & 4). All indicators suggest system is healthy, except the solid RED LED over the power button. Drives have flashing blue.

There have been a couple of posts over 3 years ago that people experienced a solid red LED for the power. None have a “resolution” – like, whether the EX4 worked fine with red power LED, whether they replaced the power supply and it worked, whether it can be fixed.

I just had my power LED go from solid blue to solid red two days ago. I shut the system down, switched the outlet for the power supply (there are two on the upper left as you face the back). In the past month, I have had some storm-related power outages (mostly blinks, but enough to text me the power out error message). I don’t know if they are related, as we’ve had these and full power outages in the past and this unit has worked fine for 2.5 years. Electronics damage can be slow and cumulative though. It is plugged into a surge suppressor with 6k joules protection.

Should I buy a 2nd power supply? Is the power pathway inside the EX4 degraded?

Someone other than WD staff suggested that a solid red LED meant that a volume is nearing full capacity and this is a non-documented ‘feature.’

What is the right answer?

I have 6TB in RAID 10 with 1.42TB free, so not quite 95%–but I have recycle bin turned ON and that may have counted for more. I deleted nearly 0.7TB in the recycle bin!

Then, on a hunch, I powered it down and left it down for 30 minutes. When it came up, the power LED was blinking blue and settled into solid blue!

Could have been the power outage error wasn’t cleared by a quick power down and restart. Could have been the recycle bin files pushing it over 95% capacity. Whatever, I’m good now with plenty of free space and blue LEDs across the board. I still might buy the replacement power supply and hook it up to the other socket. A little redundancy isn’t bad there.

Thanks for reply!

BTW, Dashboard said all was healthy, so I’m guessing recycle bin files were the culprit, pushing me over 95% capacity. I may need to add two more 4TB drives and rebuild as an 8TB RAID 10.

Or I need to get rid of more files. A lot of large size image files from RAW digital camera images can eat up space, and I need to cull till only good images are left.

I had an EX2 NAS.

When the capacity is over 95%, the power led switches from blue to red. When I delete something and free some space, it switches from red to blue again.

So, if in your management interface is shown a low free space warning, I think the red led reflects it.