Power Cable installation

Hi All

Just purchased a My Cloud 3TB. Plugged it into router and then onto a surge protected extension board which is where the router is also plugged in.

The unit connected itself showing both a steady blue light and the violet lights.

Looking at the instruction manual it states that the unit should be plugged directly into the wall socket but that is ok if you have one available. I do not have any alternative other than to use extension boards in the spare bedroom I have my PC set up in. The PC is connected to the router via LAN. I’m sure many other people have a similar setup.The extension is surge protected. It would not be practical to re-site the router, PC and the NAS to another location in the house.

Given that the unit lit up and appeared to be functioning, albeit without being accessible, my guess is that connection via the extension board is ok although not preferable and that I should be able to connect anyway.

Windows 8.1 Explorer and Device manager showed a folder titled “My Cloud” but the folder was empty so at least the PC is connecting to the NAS.

Right clicking the folder popped up a screen advising device not found so following the prompt entered the MAC Address
did that twice - each time the message was MAC address not recognised. I’m confident I entered it correctly but I may be wrong on that and will try it again tomorrow.

Has anyone else had the same issues?

Do I need to disable my antivirus software while I attempt to connect?

Any help appreciated. Thanks

Connecting via a surge protector or extension device is fine. I think what they’re getting at it not to put a timer switch in the way…

Thanks for your quick reply. I’m going to have another go at setting up. Will post an update



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It is not advisable to use a power bar for obvious reasons; the Cloud device should not be power on a switched supply as this is likely to cause serious corruption of the data.