@@poster and @@poster_bg

Hi, just one question to pro-themers :wink:

in gallery view @@poster is the variable for moviename.jpg (and in firmware 3.00 also links to folder.jpg),Ā  butā€¦ what file is linked to @@poster_bg?


i would assume BG = BackGround

@ Hades666

the @@poster_bgĀ  is a reference to this graphicĀ  gallery_view_metadata_bg.png (in Gallery View)Ā Ā  ā€¦Ā  (other views have a similar reference)

sorry to be the bearer of bad newsā€¦ but no,Ā  itā€™s not ā€˜Backgroundā€™Ā  as in a ā€˜Backdropā€™Ā  :wink:


my problem now itĀ“s with firmware 3.0, im trying to avoid folder.jpg to be displayed full screen as the moviesheetsā€¦ in previous firmwares @@poster didnĀ“t link to folder.jpg so there were no problemsā€¦

and i want to use firmware 3.0 because of the usb hub supportā€¦

Best wishes on your travels with Firmware 3.0 ā€¦

(i did try it out of morbid curiosity ā€¦ for about 30mins before rolling back to 2.04.13)