Possibly Bricked Gen.3 SMP

Gen.3 SMP suddenly – after 5 years of flawless service, required login credentials. Unable to solve the problem I resorted to Reset to Factory Default [in my case a very early firmware, 1.07.14]. For Network Setup, I selected Automatic Discovery, and what followed was a constant boot loop. This may have been because the default setting for Check for Firmware Update is ‘yes’. Regardless, after several hours of the boot loop, the home screen appeared w/o reboot but was frozen as clicking on Video or trying to move to Setup was impossible.

However, disconnecting the LAN cable the SMP behaved normally and I was able to watch a video from a thumb drive in the USB port. I manually input the Network settings but as soon as I reconnected the LAN cable the boot loop began again. After unplugging and restarting, I did another Reset Firmware to Default and made sure “check for updates” was off. While powered off, I reconnected the LAN cable, powered on and the same problem behavior began again.

One final note: I have a spare SMP that works fine with the LAN cable inserted – Network Shares
perform normally [meaning there is no computer handshake issue].

Any suggestions that might help me get it up and running would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Wow that’s old firmare. In fact, according to the release notes, that version was never publicly released.

I would recommend you update your firmware to the last supported release (2.03.20, which was 14 versions newer than what you have now).

Thanks, Tony. That did the trick – all is good. We’re up and running again. Your suggestion was much appreciated!

I should add that the reason for the early firmware was to both avoid buggy later versions and later versions with support for features I didn’t need. That, and the flawless operation for a good many years. [Well, right up until very recently, that is :slight_smile: ].