Possible to use "Play To" feature with mkv files? How to set it up?

I just learned about the Play To feature for Win7 and the WDTVlive. Works great for a lot of files, but the option doesn’t show up for mkv files for me. Do I need to install a specific codec?



Are you able to play MKV files on your PC using WMP?

If not, you might need to install CCCP (as recommended on the Matroska homepage):


I believe Play To only works for files that Microsoft windows recognises.  If you can get them playing within Windows, you should be able to use Play To.

Thanks for the tip. I installed CCCP, and it does now allow me to play MKV in WMP. But .mkv still doesn’t work for Play To. I did another google search which did help:

“Rename the file from mkv to wmv and you should find that the files should now work with ‘play to’ they should also now be picked up by windows media player library.”

Problem solved. It’d be nice not to need to rename the files, but it worked great.