Possible to back up folder on MB WE to External Drive?

I have a 2 TB My Book World Edition NAS which I use to keep all videos, pictures, and documents on.  I am trying to find out if it is possible to back up the pictures folder on the NAS to an external hard drive that is plugged into the USB on the NAS.

I have read through the users guide, searched online and in this forum but have been unable to find out how this can be accomplished.  The backup anywhere software is meant to back up to the NAS, not from it…so that didn’t work.  I tried hooking the external drive to my PC and using the software that came with the external hard drive but that would not allow me to select a network drive as a backup location so that didn’t work either.  Spent a couple hours going through the advanced settings of the NAS also but couldn’t find any way to accomplish what I’m trying to do.

Wondering if maybe since there is a RAID array that is considered the safety net, so another backup isn’t considered necesary, but since these are family pictures and can’t be replaced like music and movies I want to be sure I do everything to keep them safe.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide…

I have a similar problem. I bought a 1 TB MyBook Essential. I formatted it to two partions N: and O:.I basically moved allmy photos/music/docs frommy C: into N:/backup. I amalso saving allmy new files under the N:/backup. The WD Smartware automatically backs up my C:into N:. Buit it doesn’t provide an option to back up the files in my N:/backup.How do I make N:/backup as a folder that needs to be backed up?

Many Thanks…